Path to glory

Philippe Riboton

WELCOME BACK TO WORK! If you ever wonder whether you missed anything major during your holidays regarding politics and the economy in the Czech Republic, then let us reassure you right away: No. You did not miss anything! The case of Mr. Paroubek actually offers a fantastic illustration. Let’s judge by the numbers – our new prime minister enjoys a rating like no other, topping the polls after his first 100 days in power as if he was actually leading a successful crusade. There might be a good reason for it…nobody knows (yet) where he’s going or what he wants to achieve. The only clear fact is that his eyes are lined up on the next elections. So one could say that his experience (so far) may serve as a great example for any new leader willing to be popular. Lesson number one: do whatever you can to land the top job in June. Even if you do nothing in your first hundred days (as a politician or a CEO), people won’t blame you, since they aren’t doing anything either! Lesson number two: concentrate on polishing your look. Exercise to lose those extra kilos you gained over the winter, get a nice tan (preferably from a cosmetic salon – it’s a safer bet than the Moravian countryside) and spruce up your wardrobe so that by September you look like the right guy for the job. Lesson number three: if your staff shows signs of protesting like a bunch of angry youths at a techno festival, just flex your muscles and show those undisciplined folks who’s the boss around here. Don’t panic if you get a bit of blood on your shirt – it looks great on the front pages of the dailies, and it’s so reassuring for the million of Czechs lying on the beach somewhere in Croatia to know that someone is in charge back home! Then, if you’re not as talented as Mr. Paroubek, just read The Prague Tribune “Focus” story this month and choose yourself a coach!






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