ISSUE #116

Case study
One & Co developed the Media Center PC in collaboration with Microsoft, to define a new paradigm for computer hardware in the home. The product is optimized for loading media or connecting peripherals, as well as watching TV, gaming, or reviewing music and image libraries. Taking cues from the living room environment, the stylish design makes a lifestyle statement with wood and metal that reconciles the system’s functional demands with aesthetic appeal. CZK 48,000
Get smart
French mobile phone manufacturer Sagem makes its first foray into the “smartphone” range with the myS-7, a light and compact tri-band handheld characterized by dynamic lines and a smart aluminum finish. Inside, the myS-7 packs the power and user-friendliness of the Windows Mobile 2003 environment, while eschewing Bluetooth technology for extras like video, MP3, digital camera, Java, MMS, and more. Its high resolution color screen delivers superb picture quality, helping you communicate and organize your daily and professional life. Price to be announced.
Beautiful music
Domestic producer of high-quality stereo speakers since 1991, Shan strives for the synthesis of perfect sound, design, and value. A reflection of this, the Apollo and Emotion lines of speakers have awards, trade magazine reviews, and satisfied customers to their credit. The Emotion E540 (pictured), the firm’s top of the line, features a 3-way box bassreflex system with magnesium membrane drivers (180mm), and negative tioxid membrane tweeters (120mm), boasting 4 Ohm impedence, frequency response of +/-2 dB 28-22,000 Hz, and a sensitivity range of 100 Hz-20 kHz, rated up to 89 dB. CZK 98,000






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