September 2005

“I just can’t imagine that we could increase the prices some way. This is simply impossible.”
– Lubomír Zaorálek, vice-chairman of the Parliament, speaking about prices in a hotel for MPs, where one night costs 43 crowns.

“Immediately after his birth, as soon as he took a breath for the first time and blinked at the world around him, my two-month-old son got a present from our minister of finance – a debt of 50 thousand crowns! And I’m pretty sure this was not the last one.”
– MP and ODS’s vice-chairman Ivan Langer, who uncovered traps of the social democrats, baited not only for his son.

“Not only our entire nation but almost the whole world has been bowing to him up to now.”
– ČSSD parliament deputy Oldřich Němec, explaining why Karel Gott should be awarded with a state medal of merit.

“It is not my fault the insurance company has a mess.”
– Entrepreneur Libuše Barková commenting on her 5-year jail sentence for insurance fraud worth 8 million crowns.







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