ISSUE #116

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Satoši Takae (46)
President of TPCA Kolín from July 2005.

What made you accept this position?
I think holding the office of the company president is a challenge which is not to refuse.

What do you see as your main challenge?
I want to bring the company to the point when Czech managers will completely take over managing and leading.

Curriculum Vitae:
1981 Graduate in technical engineering, Kyushu University
1981-87 Toyota Motor Corporation, Tsutsumi Plant, Japan
1987-91 Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, USA
1991-96 Assistant manager of body assembly division, Tsutsumi Plant, Japan
1999-2000 Project manager of planning department, body assembly division
2000-2003 General manager of production, engineering department
2003-2005 Production vice-president, TPCA

What do you think should be the main strength of a general manager?
Above all, strong leadership abilities, combined with experience and knowledge of the branch – in my case, the technology of car production.

What was your first position?
After school I started in Toyota and began in the Tsutsumi plant.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?
I wanted to be a sailor.

Who is your role model?
As a young man I was promoted in the Toyota company in Kentucky, which was lead by the current Toyota president, Mr. Fujio Cho. He was and still is my role model.

How would you describe your management style?
My approach is bright, friendly, forceful and narrow.


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Jaime Smith Basterra (39)
Since the end of June, general manager of Český Telecom.
Curriculum Vitae:
1989 MA degree in Finance and Investments at the Exeter University, GB
1998-99 Global Equities director in Banesto (BSCH Group)
1999-2000 Financial planning director and financial director of Telefónica Internacional
2000-2002 Chief accountant of group of Telefónica companies
2002-2005 Financial director of Telefónica Espana


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Salvador Anglada (40)
Since June 23, general director of Eurotel Praha.
Curriculum Vitae:
1989 BS, Escuela Superior de Ingenieros Industriales in Madrid
1993 MBA from Instituto de Empresa, Madrid
1994-97 managing posts in Dow Jones Markets (Spain)
1997-2002 many senior posts in Dell Computer (Spain, France)
2002-2005 sales and marketing director of Telefónica Empresas Espana and Telefónica Espana


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David Haworth (42)
Since July 1, general director of Jan Becher – Karlovarská Becherovka.
Curriculum Vitae:
1986 BS from University College, Dublin
1986-89 Sales executive in Kerry Group
1989-98 regular promotions within Irish Distillers: international sales mgr.; commercial mgr.; regional sales director; commercial director for Europe
1998-2002 Executive director in Dillon Bass Ltd.
2002-2005 Home trade director, Irish Distillers






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