ISSUE #109

Entrepreneurs of the year – 24.11.2004
For the fifth time in the Czech Republic Ernst & Young awarded the prize of the Entrepreneur of the Year, sponsored by Živnostenská banka, in a celebration that took place at Žofín.

This year’s winner, Miroslav Řihák (right), managing director of system integrator ANECT,
receives the main prize from the hands of Dirk Kroonen, regional managing partner at Ernst & Young.

This year’s main novelty, the Technological Entrepreneur of the Year prize, was awarded
by Dirk Kroonen (left) to Jiří Konečný, managing director of modular electronic equipment producer Elko EP.

For the children – 25.11.2004
This year’s charity fashion show “Nokia 30 minutes for life,” for top model Tereza Maxová Foundation raised more than 3 million crowns for nursery institutions. Prince Albert of Monaco visited the show and was among the donators.

Victor Saeijs (left), managing director, Nokia Mobile Phones, Milan Vašina (middle), marketing director, EuroTel Bratislava, Kateřina Šuvarinová, vice president customer services processes, T-Mobile, and Phil Brown, vice president for sales, Nokia Corporation.

Tereza Maxová, Jan Lipár (middle), acting general director, Gastro Žofín and Prince Albert of Monaco.

Martin Bek (left), chief operating officer, Eurotel, Matti Palomaki (middle), managing director, Nokia
and Michal Heřman, general director of Eurotel.

Happy readers – 02.12.2004
Median market research company released the results of The Prague Tribune annual readership survey. From the 444 replies, three were picked in a random drawing: first prize won two return tickets to Paris with Air France, second prize won a dinner for two at the Alcron restaurant in the Radisson SAS Alcron in Prague. Third prize won a luxury Waterman pen.

First prize winner Alena Rosůlková from Essox receives her voucher from the hands
of publisher Philippe Riboton.

No wine tastes the same – 08.12.2004
Wine connoisseurs have a new home in the center of Prague, the Italian wine cellar and bar VINOdiVINO. During the opening guests had a chance to taste samples from an assortment of 250 wines from 20 Italian regions, as well as mature parmesan, prosciutto and pasta. Delicious!

Pasquale Baiguera, general manager, Radisson SAS Alcron hotel (left) and
Armin Zerunyan, general director, Hilton Prague

Maurizio Marino (left), owner, Amici Miei restaurant and Zdeněk Werner, consultant

William Knowles (left), partner, Clifford Chance, Jiři Markuzi (middle), sommelier of VINOdiVINO
and Darina Rosenbaumová, Clifford Chance

New headquarters – 09.12.2004
The European Union found a new, stylish space in the center of Prague upon the entry of the Czech Republic into the EU. Its opening in Jungmannova Plaza was attended by a number of VIP politicians and businessmen.

Libor Rouček (left), MP of European Parliament and
Christian Brougin, head of representation, European Commission

Mervin Murray (left), marketing manager, Lordship and
Brent Watkins, director of investment, Colliers International

Jonathan Jackson (left), managing director, Lordship and
Jan Kasl, chairman of European Democrats party






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