ISSUE #117

Head candy
Sennheiser seals its reputation as the classiest name in headphones with the HD600, a stylish and high-tech headphone that mates art and science. The HD600 uses an open, over-ear design to eliminate unwanted resonances and optimally position its large, dynamic drivers just outside your ears – so they work more like miniature speakers than traditional in-ear or against-ear drivers. A computer-optimized, Neodymium ferrous magnet system minimizes harmonic distortion and ensures optimum sensitivity and an excellent dynamic response (12 – 39,000 Hz / nominal impedance: 300 ohms).
CZK 8,350
Absolute control
The Nevo SL is a universal remote of the highest order, with a 320 x 240-pixel color touchscreen combined with 17 programmable hard keys and enough memory to store commands for all your gizmos. But it doesn’t stop there – Wi-Fi support, infrared, and a Windows CE operating system mean you can control the flow of files between PCs, media streamers and the like. A neat charging cradle is also supplied, which glows blue, adding to the visual appeal.
CZK 30,000
Quick pics
The Fujifilm FinePix F10 Zoom has set new standards in the evolution of digital point-and-shoot cameras. Fujifilm’s new 5th Generation SuperCCD HR image sensor, Real Photo Technology processing, and Fujinon lens work together to produce excellent picture quality with exceptional low noise at high ISOs. The possibility to at last use a digital camera in sunny and low-light conditions alike will make the F10 a very attractive choice for amateur photographers.
CZK 15,000






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