ISSUE #117

Milan Sameš (37)
Since the end of July Managing Director of Ness Technologies in ČR

Why did you accept this position?
The most important reasons certainly include the ambitious goals before us in this part of the world and the considerable degree of freedom I have.

What do you see as your greatest task?
To get Czech Ness thirty million dollars in services in a very short time.

Curriculum Vitae:
1991 graduated from the Czech Technical University Prague, Faculty of electrical engineering
1991-92 analyst, programmer in Dukla Liberec Army Sport Club
1992-93 marketing manager in Sofram Computer Systems
1993-98 chairman and managing director of TruconneXion
1998-2003 chairman of supervisory board, TruconneXion
1998-99 senior account manager in Nokia
1999-2003 Business Development Manager in Nokia
2003-2004 sales director, LogicaCMG CEE
2004-2005 vice president, operations, Ness CE

What do you think the most important strength of a general director should be?
Healthy common sense, appropriate experience, the ability to lead a team, and the skill to inculcate his vision in others.

What was your first job?
While I was a student I worked as a programmer for Československá státní pojišťovna.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?
A cameraman.

Who is your role model?
Lots of people for whom I feel enormous regard and respect, but I don’t literally have a role model.

How would you describe your management style?
I always try to build my team in such a way that I have absolute confidence in its individual members, both as professionals and as people. I certainly prefer a style that fosters leadership over a style that could be called “fact-based management.”

How would you describe yourself in a few words?
This is the place for something wise. The only words that come to me are, “Now, in fact, I don’t know.”


Javed Kureishi (44)
Photo: archiv
Javed Kureishi (44)
Since July 2005, general
director of Citibank in CR.
Curriculum Vitae:
1984 BA in economics, Sussex university, UK
1985-1994 credit department in Citibank, Karachi, Pakistan
1994-2000 corporate banking department director
2000-2003 director of corporate bank in Cairo, Egypt
2003-2004 division director for Citigroup in Johannesburg
2004-2005 director of corporate and investment banking, Egypt


Petr Klimeš (44)
Photo: archiv
Petr Klimeš (44)
From middle of July, appointed general director of Aero Vodochody
Curriculum Vitae:
1983 University of Economics, Business faculty
18841989 University of Economics, foreign trade teacher
1989-1991 Pramen Praha, chief of commercial relations department
1991-1995 Bonduelle, director
1996-1999 Gyma ČR, director
1999-2000 Transgas, deputy director for economics
2000-2001 Transgas, vice-chair of executive board and fin. director
2002-2003 Czech TV – financial dir. and interim general dir.
2003-2005 Aero Vodochody, vice- president for financial affairs


Philip James Clarke (47)
Photo: archiv
Philip James Clarke (47)
general director of Tesco CZ since the end of August
Curriculum Vitae:
1974-1993 various posts in Tesco UK
1993-1995 new store opening program, Tesco UK
1995-1997 hypermarket director
1997-1998 on special Tesco program called “Future”
1998-2000 store director for group stores, Tesco UK
2000-2005 operations director






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