Willy Ribbe, general manager, Marriott/Renaissance hotels

What did you want to be when you were a kid?
A tour bus driver (so I could see all of Europe).

What truth about yourself would you like people to know?
I’m vulnerable and I have a big heart.

Do you think it is better to say everything or not to know everything?
Not to know everything, of course.

What is never missing from your fridge?
Bread, cheese, and great wine.

What is your favorite activity during the day?
If I have the time, to play golf with some friends and then have dinner together.

What is the best place to make love?
Anywhere, everywhere.

What is the worst place to make love?
Haven’t found it yet.

Do you need to love to make love or do you need to make love in order to love?
I need to feel something for the woman.

What do you like the most about women and what do you despise?
I like the scent of a woman, but not so much all of their shopping.

What do you like the most about men and what do you despise?
That they can be friendly in a competitive way. But I dislike when they don’t care about their appearance.

Who is your favorite fictional character?
Jay Gatsby.

What is your favorite insult?
I just ignore people.

If you were organizing a dinner to which you could invite five people from any place and any era, whom would you invite?
Ronald Reagan, Leonardo Da Vinci, Bobby Jones, Frank Sinatra and Robin Williams. I think you can only imagine our conversation.

What does a Marriott priceless client look like?
Very difficult to answer! I think he is well- seasoned traveler who knows what to expect and what he wants.

If you had to sacrifice one of your senses (sight, hearing, taste etc.) which one would it be?
Hearing, so I don’t have to hear all the nonsense.

Would you like a role in an action movie?
Only as James Bond.

What is your worst nightmare?
If there was no more wine in the whole world.

Did you ever make any unusual bet and what were the consequences?
Everyday life is a gamble.

Which of your dreams has come true?
Having two beautiful children and my whole family.

What would be the first thing you would warn an extraterrestrial creature?
Don’t get hooked on golf.

How would you like to die?
In my sleep, after making love and having a good bottle of wine.

What would you like to have written on your gravestone?
He was a good friend.

Do you like happy endings?
Yes, never stop believing in your dreams.






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