Dana Lamžová
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Dana Lamžová (32)
since September 1, managing director of Sodexho ČRWhy did you accept this position?
It was a challenge. Thanks to the combination of my experience with Global Express and my previous activity as a financial director, the decision wasn’t that difficult.

What do you see as your greatest task?
To integrate Sodexho and Altys companies into one organizational structure. My target is to develop the company as a multi-servicing business and to strengthen its position on the Czech market.

Curriculum Vitae:
1996 graduated from the Faculty of Economy, VŠB Ostrava
1996-98 assistant auditor, Ernst & Young Prague
1998-99 auditor, Ernst & Young Prague
1999 financial manager, VA TECH EZ Prague
1999-2001 deputy finance director, VA TECH EZ Prague
2001-2002 financial director in Global Express
2002-2003 financial and operations director, Global Express
2003-2004 CEO, Global Express
2004-2005 financial manager for CR and SR, Sodexho, Altys

What do you think the most important strength of a general director should be?
I will mention three of them right away: courage, responsibility, and decisiveness.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?
A doctor.

Who is your role model?
I don’t want to copy anyone, I want to stay myself.

How would you describe your management style?
Democratic style with veto power.

What would you like people to know about you?
The things I value most: respect, tolerance, and the ability to listen to others.

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Fast, decisive, ambitious


Michal Hořejš
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Michal Hořejš (43)
As of Sept. 1, managing director of IKANO Properties
Curriculum Vitae:
1986 graduated
from âVUT faculty
of Architecture
1986-89 architect, Kofranek
Architects Seattle, US
1989-99 construction and
development mgr., Seattle
Design and Built, US
1999-2003 – project mgr.,
1999-2003 project mgr., KLMG
2003-2004 senior project mgr.,
Davis Langdon
2004-2005 senior project mgr.,
Ballymore properties
Robert Weigl
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Robert Weigl (34)
As of Oct. 1, president of AstraZeneca Czech Republic
Curriculum Vitae:
1995 graduated from Charles University, Faculty
of Medicine
1997-2001 product mgr., Organon, CR
2002 MBA from Katz Graduate School of Business, Pittsburgh
2002 product mgr., Organon, NL
2002-2003 associate director of global marketing, Organon, US
2003-2005 director global marketing, Organon, US
2005 regional marketing director CEE, AstraZeneca, BL, later marketing company president, AstraZeneca, CR
Tomáš Bílek
Photo: archiv
Tomáš Bílek (43)
As of Sept. 1, appointed new CEO of Hochtief VSB
Curriculum Vitae:
1988 civil engineering graduate, Czech Technical University
1988-2001 foreman, then site manager and director of the developer activities division, Metrostav, CR
2001-2005 executive of development and project management, Arch-Invest CR






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