Surety via PC

Want to take out travel insurance for a trip to another EU country? Need to insure your car against collision or theft? Don’t worry about the inconvenience – insurance for everything from health to home are ideal products for closing policies on-line. Some insurers even offer interesting discount options for internet users.

When closing a contract online with Allianz you save an average of 10% – 15% for auto liability insurance. People up to age 26 enjoy savings of up to 50% on insurance for travel in Europe. At this insurer’s website you will find a form that you fill in and send, and you know immediately that a one-week stay in Europe costs CZK 340, or CZK 304 if you buy it online. Bear in mind that Allianz is the only insurer to cover unlimited medical costs. If you pay through eBanka, it takes about an hour to arrange an operation once you’ve received confirmation and the possibility of printing an insured party’s card.

When requesting insurance for a seven-day trip in Europe you can choose from Economy (CZK 390), Standard (CZK 690), Optimal (CZK 1,090), and Maximal (CZK 1,290) policies. But with the least expensive policy, you won’t find any items relating to theft of luggage or liability for damages to health or property, while the most expensive policy covers that plus compensation for luggage delays or an airplane hijacking. EuroPass is suitable for repeated trips (also serves for winter sports). Coverage of medical expenses is set at a reasonable CZK 2.4 million, and premiums can be paid through eBanka, GSM banking, or a payment card.

Uniqa offers a 10% discount if you pay on line, with fares for trips in Europe starting at CZK 17 per day. However, this insurance contains only a bare base and medical expenses are limited to CZK 1 million. The website does not have automatic calculation of premiums, and determining them from the short tariffs is not easy. Uniqua accomodates clients who use internet banking with eBanka, Raiffeisen bank, and Česká spořitelna.

Travel insurance provides surety that you are covered in the event of sudden illness, injury, lost luggage, or damage to third parties. In addition, you can turn to an assistance service for help, as well as arranging transport of an injured person or repatriation of remains. All this at pleasantly low rates starting at CZK 40 per day, with coverage of medical expenses up to CZK 1 million is offered by Česká pojišťovna. But closing a contract online takes time and is a complicated process, due to the required registration without which you can’t enter the system. You can pay most quickly through eBanka, but it may be more reasonable to leave your computer and go to a branch office.

Since May, Generali has been offering a 15% discount on travel insurance closed online. You’ll find it in the portfolio of services, followed by five steps ending with a calculation of the sum, confirmation, and a payment order, cash-free transfer, or the Home Banking service. For seven days in Europe you get four options: Mini, Standard, Exklusiv, and Manažer, priced at CZK 91, CZK 119, CZK 154, and CZK 406, respectively. While Mini covers only medical expenses with a limit of CZK 1,700,000, Standard also covers injury insurance, Exklusiv covers luggage insurance and co-payments, and Manažer covers medical expenses up to CZK 2,700,000.






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