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Czech goods supply the world

Written by: Milan Duda Photo by: Vojtěch Vlk While large companies, typically with strong foreign backing, are the major movers behind Czech exports, small and mid-size firms are also enjoying a fair slice of the pie. Find out what they’re selling, and who their major customers are. SULKO: Opening a window for exports Petr &…

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Jiří Bartek: Closing in on a cure for cancer?

Written by: Milan Duda & Petr Vykoukal Photo by: Vojtěch Vlk This Czech scientist has been leading a cancer research team in Copenhagen for thirteen years. We spoke to him about his team’s recently published findings, which will have resounding effects on worldwide cancer research for years to come. Your discovery this spring explains why…

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Written by: Klára Smolová Photo: Tomáš Kubeš, Věroslav Sixt, Aleš Vlachovský Stylish farewell – 06.10.2005 Komerční banka held a gala evening to say farewell to Alexis Juan, general director and chairman of the board, and also to celebrate four years of the French Société Générale Group entering KB in the Czech Republic. A rich entertainment…

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Ivan Medek: I’m doing fine, thanks!

Written by: Monika Mudranincová Photo: tomáš kubeš The renowned journalist Ivan Medek devoted his whole life to battling the lack of freedom in any form. For nearly 15 years he addressed Czechs on “Voice of America”. After returning from forced exile he became President Havel’s office manager and chancellor. What is he doing now? Even…

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Written by: Monika Mudranincová PEOPLE UP Photo archiv Jiří Devát The general director of Microsoft CR was awarded by the committee of the Association of Czech Managers for organizing the Government Leaders Forum that was held in Prague in February also for his voluntary help in the development of talented managers. Photo archiv Josef Suchánek…

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Made in the Czech Republic

Written by: Philippe Riboton ASK ANYBODY in business some ten years ago about exports, and he or she would point out those former state export trading companies shipping locomotives and other heavy pieces of engineering to exotic countries in the Middle East or Asia. This was the time when exports were still dictated by political…

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