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Beata Rajská
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Beata Rajská is building a strong brand with the goal of offering broadly conceived styles on the market, combining high quality with the hallmark of designer originality.

IF YOU TRY to describe Beata Rajská’s fashion statements, the term timeless style would probably be the most fitting, as it’s appropriate to the times but doesn’t overly accommodate trends. “I respect and perceive my surroundings, so my designs are always somehow influenced by trendy elements, but because I often use very expensive materials I can’t afford to create clothes that are intended for only a single season,” explains Rajská.
In her latest Winter 2005 collection, she let herself be inspired by femininity in its various forms. “To be a woman also means demonstrating the strength and ability to play with masculine style, somewhat indicating a stance of decisiveness and energy,” says this artist, offering her “General” line as an example. Rajská spontaneously connects the symbolism of meanings with ethnic or historical influences – the Russia of the tsars, Napoleon’s France, or Viennese Art Nouveau, building on sophisticated silhouettes, all underlined by the refinement of luxurious materials. Materials are so important to the designer that for some creations she orders only a few meters, woven by first-rate global designers, according to her own design. Rajská includes the clothes in her finest “BHC” collection, something akin to haute couture.
But besides that she also creates small, far more affordable lines of clothes. “My goal is to dress a woman from morning to evening, for work, leisure, and great social events. I strive for a certain universality in my garments – in the morning you put on a simple T-shirt under your suit, and in the evening you replace it with a chiffon blouse, so you can go straight from the office to a high society event.” Besides the four Miss Czech Republic pageants (the last in 2004), Rajská has also dressed many candidates in “global” beauty pageants. For her cooperation with Jablonex, she designed collections of exclusive jewelry to go with her clothing, which resulted in other notable world-wide presentations. Last spring, in connection with an expanded concept for the “Beata Rajska” brand, she opened a boutique in Prague on Ovocný trh, with other shops planned for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Dolden enticemenT

Prodlužující se večery využijte ke cvičení strategie, tříbení mysli a nácviku sladkých vítězství.

Midnight trick – a “rejuvenating” ampoule of Midnight Star, with 24-carat gold extracts, from the Issima line. CZK 1,450, Guerlain.

Skin from the Matrix dimension – cosmetics based on the Suractiv Nonstop Lifting retinol principle with double-anchoring of the skin. From CZK 1,030 to 2,815, Lancaster.

Rubik’s Lipstick – dazzling shades of KissKiss lipstick come in a tube that looks like a piece of jewelry. CZK 760, Guerlain.

A gift set of J’adore toilette water with perfumed milk. CZK 1,450, Dior.

Chains of parfumeries Fann, Sephora, Marionnaud


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