Alfa 159: heart-driven choice

A person chooses some cars with an ardent heart, others with cool reason. The Italian beauty called Alfa 159 is definitely in the first category.

AT FIRST GLANCE this sports-tuned, 4.66 meter-long sedan addresses the senses with its graceful lines, the work of the famed designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. The comfortable interior creates a sporty spirit, and compared with the previous 156 model, offers noticeably greater space in the back. But the driver and front passenger have priority, as the finely shaped seats provide them with the surety and comfort they need during high-performance driving, which corresponds to the nature of this temperamental car. The joy of driving is multiplied by the chassis’ excellent handling and extraordinarily efficient brakes, as well as by the six-speed gearbox with a precise, easy manual stick that comes standard in all models. The Alfa 159 comes with Medium and High options, and the price difference between them is CZK 40,000.
The line starts with the 1.9 JTS Medium model, driven by a 160 hp (118 kW), four-cylinder, gasoline engine and selling for CZK 819,000. The Alfa 159 with the same options and the 120 hp (88 kW), four-cylinder, 1.9 JTD turbodiesel costs CZK 839,000. The golden mean is the 2.2 JTS model, with a 185 hp (136 kW), four-cylinder, gas engine. Fans of cheaper diesel operation can choose between the four-cylinder, 16V, 1.9 JTD, 150 hp (110 kW) turbodiesel engine, which drives the Alfa 159 up to 210 km/h with average consumption of only 6.0 liters of fuel per 100 km, and the five-cylinder, 20V, 2.4 JTD, 200 hp (147 kW) engine, which pushes the sedan up to 228 km/h. The Alfa 159 with High equipment costs CZK 1,069,000. The crowning jewel is the Alfa 159, 3.2 V6 4×4, with a six-cylinder engine that turns out 260 hp (191 kW). It reaches a top speed of 240 km/h and in the High version sells for CZK 1,299,000.






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