Věra Komárová & Roman Ray Straub

Still undecided about what to buy your favorite folks for Christmas? Don’t stress – we spoke with two local executives and admitted shopaholics, who were willing to share their special shops and gift ideas.

Věra Komárová
marketing director for the Dermacol brand

I have a one year-old girl, so I prefer walking around Old Town and shopping at small boutiques that have their own atmosphere, individual approach, and more peaceful shopping. So I chose the Černá Růže (Black Rose) passage for my Dermacol Studio. I like spending money in shops where customers get discounts and other benefits for their loyalty.

Vibel – a shop with children’s furniture and accessories
I enjoy this shop a lot, because the staff is pleasant and informs me regularly about novelties. I like the KAHLOO collection, with many lovely things for babies and small children, such as beautiful slippers, stuffed animals, bibs, and bed coverlets. I shop not only for my daughter, but also for my many pregnant friends and new mothers. (Booties and stuffed toys, from CZK 400)


Chez Parisienne
I adore unusual chemises, robes, leggings, and beautiful, colorful underwear. The shop provides regular information on new collections and gives regular customers 10% discounts. At Christmas I shop there for presents mainly for my sister, who says that I’m her best “lover” in this respect. (Corset, CZK 6,700; bra, CZK 3,550)


Folli-Follie – sets you can’t find anywhere else
I like silver and white gold, and Folli-Follie are specialists for these categories. The service is great there: if there’s a problem they repair or exchange the product, they offer clients discounts, they give you birthday presents and other discounts and special offers. I shop here for gifts for my sister, friends, and sister-in-law, who often loses watches. (Watches, CZK 4,400 and 4,750; bracelet, CZK 4,100)


Au pays des mimis – great clothes and booties made of high-quality materials for tots!
I frequently visit this little shop, as it suits my tastes. The loyalty program entitles me to a 10% discount. What can I recommend? Festive outfits, pajamas, underwear, and booties. (Tights, CZK 990)


Sabai – who doesn’t like a massage?
I give intensive loving care mainly to those who’ve given it to me in the past. A special massage for a painful back for my mom and a foot massage for my dad, because he’s still very agile for his age and he’s always going somewhere! (Massages from CZK 450)


Jozef Sloboda – original fashion for men!
During the week my husband wears suits and shirts, but on the weekends he prefers casual attire and comfy materials. I like the nonconformist style and I know that when we’re out on the weekend no one will have a T-shirt like my husband’s. (Red T-shirt, CZK 1,290)


Flamant – excellent teas
Pleasant staff, beautiful atmosphere, large selection of teas. An excellent present for a mother-in-law, not just for Christmas but for any occasion. (Mariage teas, CZK 450)


Silk chemise, E. Blitzer, 3400 Kč

Set of necklace, ring, and earrings,
3450 Kč, 3800 Kč, 4100 Kč

Pink booties, 1599 Kč

Christmas Mariage set with teapot, 1990 Kč

Gift voucher for a back massage (Back Special), 1290 Kč

Cotton T-shirt, 1290 Kč

Au pays des mimis a Jozef Sloboda, Pasáž Černá Růže, Na Příkopě 12, Praha 1
Flamant a Sabai, Slovanský dům, Na Příkopě 22, Praha 1
Folli-Follie, Havířská 3-5, Praha 1
Chez Parisienne, Pařížská 8, Praha 1
Vibel, Karmelitská 18, Praha 1



Roman Ray Straub
director of the Diplomat, hotel anděl’s, and anděl’s suites

I really like surprising those who are close to me with gifts small and large, and of course I enjoy most of all seeing the shining eyes of my two-and-a-half year-old daughter Mia. It’s an elixir to cure any worry! I often shop abroad, for example in Florence or Montreal, where I like to go for trade fairs. But I also have some “secret” tips in this country…

Wilvorst – business elegance
I like high-quality, elegant clothes, and Wilvorst has a wide selection of them. I buy wonderfully soft scarfs for my father.
(Dressler suit, CZK 14,750; Joop suit, CZK 16,550; shirts, CZK 1,950 and 4,250)


Dunhill – men’s club
I like high-quality, timeless things that never go out of style, like silk ties or a silver lighter, an absolute classic and super gift for a friend. And for a colleague, Palace hotel director Martin Novák, I’m getting a pleasant, elegant scent here. (Ties, CZK 2,600)


Oilily – life is colorful
I’m an expert on children’s clothes and I like buying them on my business trips as well. So my young daughter Mia is a great dresser. She definitely likes a handbag or a dress from Oilily, which carries very creative and witty items. In short, my wife won’t lose out, either – she’ll get a cheerful floral perfume. (Orange dress, CZK 2,690)


Geox – like walking on feathers
Geox shoes are very comfortable, and they breathe, too. I bought my first pair 10 years ago, and I’ve been a loyal customer of the brand ever since. My wife likes getting them because she likes sporty elegance, but she appreciates even more perhaps the “light foot”, because we’re expecting our second child. (Respira shoes, CZK 3,390)


MV Antique – sentimental Art Deco
My parents love antiques, and when they visit Prague, they always go looking for old Czech antiques. I was born in Brussels, and this wonderful art deco statuette reminds me of my childhood. (Bronze statuette, CZK 24,000)


Carolinum – time is dear
I definitely prefer simple, modern, elegant watches. I’m thinking about an excellent watch for my wife, and because I love my mother-in-law too, I’m getting her a refined, elegant Omega. (Patek Philippe watch, CZK 196,860)


Gray cashmere scarf, 3150 Kč,
striped scarf, 580 Kč

Lighter, 10 300 Kč

Men’s eau de toilette, 1500 Kč

Plush handbag, 1390 Kč,

Oilily eau de toilette, 490 Kč

Italian Wines,
Barbaroso, 1645 Kč, Sanct Valentin,1680 Kč

Silver Omega watch, 47 600 Kč


Carolinum, Pařížská 11, Praha 1
Dunhill, Pařížská 14, Praha 1
Geox, Slovanský dům, Na Příkopě 22, Praha 1
MV Antique, Maiselova 15, Praha 1
Oilily, Pasáž Koruna, Václavské n. 1, Praha 1
VinodiVino, Vězeňská 3, Praha 1
Wilvorst, U Prašné brány 1, Praha 1






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