April 2005

“My husband and I agreed on the sale of the building, since it is impossible to conduct business in this country.”
– Outraged Šárka Grossová, wife of the Czech prime minister, about her further plans.

“Klaus likes jazz, I like Abba. Klaus is a sportsman, I am a lazy fatty, who at the most goes cycling or cross-country skiing. Both of us like bread with lard and onion.”
– excerpt from Miloš Zeman’s book How I Made Mistakes In Politics, commenting on the shared and disparate traits of the Czech president and himself, now a pensioner from Vysočina.

“I’m almost as happy as if the prime minister had resigned.”
– Said film director Jan Hřebejk, while receiving the Czech Lion award.

“These days, the independent political movement is an important opposition power in the Czech Republic.”
– Stated Vladimír Železný in the European Parliament, referring to the movement which is represented by two women in the Senate, yet has no other deputies in either the Lower House or in regional offices.







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