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From their own kitchen all the way to China

Written by: Petr Vykoukal Photo by: LuminumStarting with home production of parkas and sleeping bags for friends, in 20 years Warmpeace has become a well-known maker of outdoor equipment. Svatopluk Antoš IN THE MID-1980s, Alice Pánková (today Habětínová) sewed a down parka for her friend Pavel Habětín (the two are partners and executives of the…

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Home, sweet office

Written by: Milan Duda, Petr Vykoukal Photo by: Vojtěch Vlk With the rapid development of mobile technologies and the internet, offices may one day be unnecessary. Although more and more people are taking advantage of working remotely – from home and elsewhere – it will still be some time before that daily commute becomes a…

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Ondřej Neff: A multi-media conscience

Written by: Monika Mudranincová Photo by: Vojtěch Vlk We see him on TV, we read his commentaries. Writer, sci-fi enthusiast, internet and digital photography fan, and publisher of a popular online daily, Neviditelný pes (Invisible Dog), he’s something of an institution in the Czech Republic. You’re a member of the famous Neff family, whose history…

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ISSUE #112

Written by: Klára Smolová Photo: Věroslav Sixt, Aleš Vlachovský VIPs in a church – 10.03.2005 Italian photographer Rossano Manischalchi, who often works in Prague, invited many VIP guests to St. Roch Church in Prague. In the renowned gallery Miro he unveiled his photography book “Without Sound” and an exhibition of his portraits. A reception followed…

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Written by: Monika Mudranincová PEOPLE UP Photo archiv Jiří Hlavenka The chairman of the board of InternetShops, announced that the firm processed 160,539 offers last year, which is a 52% increase compared to 2003, and attracted 106,776 customers (a 57% increase). Photo archiv Detlef Wittig Škoda’s new boss announced that last year’s net profit was…

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Ice age

Written by: Philippe Riboton ACCORDING TO data released sometime in March, of the four Visegrád countries, the Czech Republic recorded economic growth in 2004 of a mere 4%. Sure, this is better than some Western economies that grew by 1-2%, but it’s clearly behind the performance of Slovakia, which had the highest growth at 5.5%,…

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